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Day One Agenda
Wednesday, February 2, 2011

8:30am Registration & Continental Breakfast

9:00am Opening Remarks from the Chair

9:10am 5 Key Steps to Achieving Energy Efficiency in the Data Center

Today organizations are faced with higher energy costs and smaller IT budgets. Finding ways to improve energy efficiencies in the data center create huge savings that can balance out this quandary. In this economy organizations are cutting costs in all departments. Because IT departments are part of these budget cuts, industry leaders need to come together to brainstorm budget saving techniques.
  • Define a process for equipment inventory and standards
  • Implement simple yet effective changes for measuring and tracking energy standards
  • Reconfigure the data center through water cooling and temperature options
  • Senior Analyst
    Pike Research

    Data Center Services Manager

    Vice President, CTO
    Vette Corp

    Director of Mission Critical Facilities and Founder of the Critical Facilities Round Table
    M+W Group

    9:40am KEYNOTE - Putting Together the Pieces- Energy Efficient Equipment that Will Save you Millions

    A key to starting an energy efficient data center is to understand the equipment that works best to save energy and money. There are machines in the development stage as well as already in the data center. Understanding what equipment will help most is a difficult and intimidating task. The time is now to utilize firsthand knowledge of what pieces fit into building a data center that pays for itself. This session will emphasize the major issues of decision making for your data center and for your organization.
  • Eliminate confusion by knowing where to start
  • Crucial understanding of new equipment developed to save money
  • Deliver information that inspires a change now
  • Expand your knowledge and become the organization expert
  • CEO - Operations
    RDP Solutions, LLC

    10:30 am Morning Break and Exhibitor Meet & Greet

    11:00am Data Center Tour: San Diego Super Computing Center

    12:15pm Luncheon and Afternoon Sessions at the Data Center

    11:30am Attendees are Shuttled for the Data Center Tour: San Diego Super Computing Center

    Concurrent Tracks: Choose A or B

    Track A: Theory into Practice: Pioneered Data Centers Today

    1:15pm Case Study: Going Bigger and Greener

    In a booming industry, innovation has become the result of necessity. For many growing internet companies it's not simply about knowing how to go green, it's about integrating the green philosophy into a constantly expanding network of data centers. Bigger data centers translate into new technologies and methodologies and often greater overall energy savings. When energy savings are converted to money savings, organizations are more willing to invest into a more comprehensive energy efficient data center.
  • Value innovation while upgrading systems of the past
  • Join an expanding green network and collaborate ideas
  • Visualize the savings energy efficiency brings to your organization
  • Retire old technology by embracing new technology and methods
  • Worldwide Data Center
    Texas Instruments

    2:05pm Building a Green Data Center from the Ground Up

    Building a green data center involves a detailed system that can utilize a lot including using the landscape and climate of the land. A few variables to be considered when building is location, size, cooling, and air flow. Also, the system design and implementation needs to be carefully considered. Due to these factors, thoroughly understanding where to begin is a must. This case study will provide real life experience on how a facility was built from the ground up. Included will detail the complexities and resolutions to building from the ground up.
  • Eliminate confusion by knowing the complete process involved with building
  • Emphasize and develop the land surrounding your site for maximum efficiency
  • Deliver an educated design geared for maximum energy efficiency
  • Acquire knowledge that encourages stability through growth
  • Principal Investigator
    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

    Track B: Green Managing your Data Center

    1:15pm Developing a Plan For Your New Green Data Center

    Similar to life, there are different ways of tackling changes that need to be made. Knowing your options is a key factor in developing cost effective designs with long term value. Making an investment in green data centers enables positive results. Planning should not only consider the start, but also long down the road to protect your investment. Starting from the ground up could be intimidating, but this session will pinpoint the areas that are most important when originating your new green data center.
  • Analyze and identify what needs to be done to build a green data center
  • Develop an intricate yet complete plan to plan for every situation
  • Stimulate thought and discussion to maximize creativity and originality
  • Understand a thorough and comprehensive plan to create what you want
  • Involve all minds to create successful programs
  • President
    MegaWatt Consulting

    2:05pm Financing your Green Project

    With so many incentives to go green and energy costs sky rocketing, going green is the best way to see instant ROI. This session will discuss tax incentives, green lending and provide an overview of the type of returns the industry is seeing. Falling behind technology can often times date an organization and increase costs rather quickly. Financial responsibility is already one of the most important factors and launching green technology should create a return on investment of over 100% within a few years.
  • Turn around data center costs by using energy efficiency to save money
  • Investigate different projects to save money almost instantly
  • Emphasize the benefits of maximizing IT fund savings
  • Acquire the right knowledge to secure hard to get funds to invest in an efficient data center
  • Vice President of Managed and Professional Services

    3:05pm Afternoon Break

    Track A: Theory into Practice: Pioneered Data Centers Today

    3:10pm Data Center Containers - Standards for Deployment
    Technical Director
    M & W Group

    4:00pm Qualcomm Container Data Center

    Trends are constantly coming and going. Knowing what will happen in the next year is important. Due to the constant change of technology, staying with the times is imperative. Development of a data center constantly involves thinking ahead to stay with innovation. These unique designs could be what are considered the standard in the future. This session will give you the best information about what is to come and where designs are going in the future.
  • Escape old technology by learning the new trends as they happen
  • Increase your awareness of the constant change data centers are undergoing
  • Distinguish yourself from current experts by learning what the future standard will be
  • Encourage stagnant growth by utilizing new techniques
  • Senior IT Manager

    Track B: Green Managing your Data Center

    3:10pm Managing a Green Data Center

    Whenever there are structural and functional changes made to any facility it means that changes in operations and management will not be far off. When these changes happen small details become more important. Reliable data centers need a manager that knows every aspect is important including the smallest details. Managers also need to know how to prioritize duties which guarantee data center development growth is steady. This session will provide a detailed explanation of how to ensure productivity, reliability, and energy savings in your new facility.
  • Determine new methods which enable the data center to run more smoothly
  • Address past issues by managing what needs to be done daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly
  • Develop a system which enables the consistent performance of your critical facility
  • Replace old management theories with new ground breaking ideas
  • Data Center Services Manager

    4:00pm Green Problems and Solutions- Successful Data Center Day to Day Operations

    Green data centers can sometimes mean more complicated data centers. Instituting the correct monitoring rules and management procedures can mean the difference between success and failure. Troubleshooting scenarios can't always be simulated; sometimes this knowledge is learned through 'baptism by fire'. Hear examples of day to day challenges, and how one organization opted to meet these challenges.
  • Rework your day to day operations by establishing uniform procedures
  • Eliminate concern by running an efficient data center
  • Manage resources effectively by streamlining day to day operations
  • Develop a general knowledge by knowing how to operate on a daily basis
  • Determine what is a problem and grow through failure to solve the problems
  • Director Data Center
    National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak)

    5:00pm Day One Concludes: Bus #1 Departs for Sheraton La Jolla

    5:30pm Evening Networking Reception at the Sheraton La Jolla

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