Day Three - February 2, 2012 Main Conference

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Harley-Davidson Case Study Presentation

Keynote: Enhanced Efficiency through Data Center Consolidation and Renovation
Mark Dereberry of Harley-Davidson will walk attendees through his most recent data center project that involved consolidating both domestic and international facilities into a new and improved 27,000 sq. foot data center. Mark will outline new technologies that helped to make the facility as green as possible. He will also analyze techniques and technologies that did not prove cost efficient energy saving alternatives. Topics addressed within this case study keynote address will include Harley’s use of:

  • Energy efficient UPS system
  • Asset management
  • Server virtualization
  • Hot air containment
  • Economizer cooling
  • Consolidation cost analysis
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    Technical Services Lead Data Center Facilities , Harley-Davidson

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    The Changing Criteria in Data Center Site Selections for the Future

    Not the Polaroid of Today: Calculating out your True Total Costs of Ownership
    Data center expert KC Mares will look at the benefits of energy efficiency in the next generation of data center design and operations. KC will focus the conversation on on site selection, analyzing multiple aspects that can save on your total cost of ownership. This presentation will outline best practices such as:

  • Research and decision process
  • Innovations in power and cooling design
  • Location and environment considerations
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    President , MegaWatt Consulting Inc.

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    Track 3: Managing the Green Data Center
    Track 4: Data Center Strategy: Building an Optimized Facility
    System Metrics, Measurements and Monitoring for Optimal Performance
    Installing meters and monitoring the performance of energy usage, functionality and effectiveness can provide you with a benchmark for success that is necessary for any “green” facility. This presentation will walk you through the monitoring strategies at the Columbia University Data Center, and will outline how the measurements taken have led to both short-term improvements and long-term strategy shifts.
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    Data Center Facilities Manager , Columbia University

    Ethernet Efficiencies within Data Center Networks
    New Technologies are constantly emerging to help data center’s cope with the rise in energy costs and lower carbon emissions. Within this session we will analyze the impact of next generation Ethernet cables on network efficiency. Broadcom CTO, Nicholas Ilyadis will discuss:

  • Data center fabric alternatives
  • Energy Efficiency Ethernet cost analysis
  • Applications and implementation
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    Senior Technical Director , Broadcom

    Developing and Executing a Comprehensive IT Efficiency Strategy
    Connecting the efficiency efforts across an organization and communicating the benefits can be one of the most difficult tasks for IT leaders and Data Center managers. Within this session Michelle Erickson, formerly of Citi Group will be analyzing the success factors of a comprehensive “Green IT” program. Different initiatives such as virtualization and consolidation will be discussed while a focus will be given to building and executing an overall efficiency strategy.
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    Principal , Erickson Strategies

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