ScaleMatrix data centers are unlike anything you’ve seen before. With revolutionary high-density, high-efficiency cabinet design, and a re-imagined approach on what a data center should look and feel like, our clients rave about our version of Data Center 2.0. With an unmatched security posture, a 100% uptime rating, record-breaking 52kW density ratings per cabinet, and an environment that makes the Silicon Valley folks jealous; ScaleMatrix data centers provide a highly capable haven for colocation and data center user of any size.

Their US-West San Diego data center is conveniently located in the heart of sunny San Diego. Located at the apex of 3 major freeway systems, access to the data center is ensured regardless of the hour. San Diego’s relative proximity to Los Angeles and Mexico provides an ideal U.S.-based location from which to service workloads for the western half of the U.S., as well as Latin America.

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