A great deal of effort was applied to the new Social Security Administration National Support Center to integrate sustainability, redundancy and efficiency into the data center. The efforts commenced with developing the program owner requirements and continued into enhanced commissioning, which allowed the achievement of LEED Gold Certification for the three buildings on the NSC campus. This successful ARRA project used integrated design principles for controls and infrastructure to conserve resources during the construction and throughout the lifecycle of the project. Through careful planning and close cooperation of the entire project, the commissioning effort ensured the owner’s project requirements were achieved. This presentation will go through the commissioning program and highlight interesting tasks and issues encountered during the completion of a state of the art, energy efficient data center.
·         Discuss the pre-design and design efforts to ensure lowest cost effective energy consumption
·         Discuss the equipment and systems used in the facility
·         How commissioning assisted the project in meeting its sustainability and functional goals
·         Methods used to test systems and components
·         How the facility performed and the current status of the program