Vali Sorell has 30 years of experience as an HVAC design engineer, with more than half of those years involved exclusively in the design of data centers. Within Syska Hennessy’s Critical Facilities Group, Vali is the Chief HVAC Engineer and the lead technical manager. He is responsible for developing the concepts and innovations on a wide range of data center projects throughout Syska's portfolio. He has authored many technical papers on best practices in mission critical design, and has spoken at numerous industry conferences such as 7x24 Exchange, Datacenter Dynamics, and AFCOM.

Vali is a long-time member of ASHRAE TC-9.9 "Mission Critical Facilities, Technology Spaces, & Electronic Equipment," and now serves on SPC 90.4, the new ASHRAE standards committee tasked with developing an energy code specific to data centers and telecommunications buildings.

Vali has degrees in Genetics from McGill University in Montreal and in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University in New York.