With over 30 years experience in the IT industry, Steve has been involved with almost every aspect of computing hardware design and maintenance.  He has been responsible for the operation and maintenance of mainframe systems, servers, networking equipment, and more.  In 2007, he was asked to assume the responsibility of caring for the buildings that housed all of those devices and thus began his journey in the world of Data Center Operations.

UC Berkeley’s central Data Center is a 10,000sqft facility that houses over 4,000 servers that provide both administrative and research computing resources for the campus.  Over the past decade, the State-funded University has received multiple funding cuts and, as a consequence, had suffered greatly in the area of operations and maintenance.  With these constraints, Steve has had to learn to make small, fiscally prudent changes within the Data Center in order to both improve energy efficiency and allow for maximum service capacity.

Steve would like to share his experiences and lessons learned in the hope that others facing similar financial restrictions could benefit from them.