Julian Kudritzki currently serves as Chief Operating Officer of Uptime Institute. He is responsible for the direct leadership of important new strategic corporate and content initiatives with the new Efficient IT and Corporate Governance Advisory Services, standardizing global data center portfolios, and reducing resource consumption in IT infrastructure.

Kudritzki has provided a key role in the development of other Uptime Institute intellectual property with complimentary commercial offerings, including decision-making methodologies and a holistic protocol to increase the efficiency and reduce the resource consumption of enterprise IT. For early adopters, the results of this protocol have reduced IT operating costs by millions of dollars by addressing waste and improving organization behaviors.  Kudritzki is a co-founder of The Uptime Institute Journal, a biannual publication cataloguing management, technology, and design articles from industry thought leaders worldwide, and serves as its publisher.

After joining Uptime Institute in 2004, Mr. Kudritzki served as one of the architects of the Tier Certification Program, which has redefined standardization and accountability within the design-build operations of capital IT infrastructure projects. Since the inception of this program, Mr. Kudritzki managed the rapid expansion of Uptime Institute commercial offerings outside the U.S. and formed local teams in Brasil, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, and throughout Asia Pacific. Leading global organizations have engaged Uptime Institute for in-depth management and technical reviews of over 800 premium data center projects in 80 countries. Additionally, Mr. Kudritzki participated in the development and drove the deployment of educational components that have provided advanced professional training and accreditation for over 2,000 senior professionals in 85 countries.