James L. Connaughton is one of America’s most distinguished energy and environmental experts, as both corporate leader and prominent White House policymaker.  He has creatively developed market-based solutions to some of the world’s most significant environmental challenges – deploying innovative technology to help protect the environment for future generations.

Most recently Mr. Connaughton, served as Executive Vice President of C3 Energy, enabling energy companies to realize the full benefit of their IoT and system investments by applying the power of big data, advanced analytics, social networking, machine learning, and cloud computing to improve the safety, reliability, and efficiency of power generation and delivery - making the 'Internet of Energy' a reality.

Previously, Mr. Connaughton was Executive Vice President and Senior Policy Advisor at Exelon and Constellation Energy (which merged with Exelon).  There he served on each company's Executive Committee with responsibility for major public policy priorities, federal and state energy market regulation, public sector business development, corporate sustainability, technology innovation initiatives and certain venture investments.

In 2001, Mr. Connaughton was unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate to serve as Chairman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality.  From 2001-2009 he served as President Bush’s senior advisor on energy, environment and natural resources, and as Director of the White House Office of Environmental Policy.  During his service with the federal government, Connaughton worked closely with the President, the Cabinet and the Congress to develop and implement energy, environment, natural resource, and climate change policies.  This work led to a series of new market-based programs, incentives, technology initiatives and public-private partnerships that included bipartisan energy legislation, nearly $90 billion for clean energy technology research and incentives to accelerate commercial deployment of advanced technologies such as plug-in hybrid vehicles, renewable fuels, nuclear, solar and wind.

Mr. Connaughton also played a leading role in major initiatives that expanded energy and infrastructure projects, improved management of public forests, protected and restored millions of acres of wetlands, implemented new national air quality standards, reduced air pollution from power plants and diesel vehicles, improved conservation partnerships with farmers, and developed international environmental cooperation agreements.

Mr. Connaughton is a passionate ocean resource conservationist, and helped establish some of the largest and most ecologically diverse marine sanctuaries in the world.  In 2013, Oceana honored his service with their “Ocean Champion” award.

Mr. Connaughton is an Advisor to Shine Medical Technologies and to the ClearPath Foundation.  He is on the Board of Governors of the Argonne National Laboratory, the Secretary of Energy’s Advisory Board Task Force on Federal Energy Management, and the United States National Commission to the United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).  He is a Founding Member of the United States Conservation Leadership Council, a Trustee (Emeritus) of the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, and is a member of the Climate Change Study Group of the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations.

Mr. Connaughton received his bachelor’s degree from Yale University and graduated magna cum laude from Northwestern University School of Law.